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Patricia, Big Vinny, Little Vinny 7/19/2016
We stayed at O'Sullivan's the week of July 9th in a picturesque two bedroom log cabin. Having stayed at two other area pet-friendly lodgings in the past, I have to say that O'Sullivan's is definitely the best!!! The location is ideal (walk to town in just minutes), beautiful lake views from our cabin's deck, qdd in a well-maintained pool that our son adored, clean beach with captivating lake view and charming dock and rowboats... you simply can't go wrong! Matt was friendly and accommodating, the other guests with dogs large and small were responsible and respectful... O'Sullivan's was a true gem and I'm looking forward to returning as soon as we can.

Carrie and Carin 7/4/2016
We stayed 4th of July weekend at O'Sullivans. It was our first time to Lake George, and the kids were kind of bummed we didn't plan a rock'em sock'em amusement park trip like we usually do. We wanted a relaxing place where the opportumity for excitement was readily available. We found it!!! O'Sullivans was fantastic. It's a walk away from everything, but far enough to feel secluded. The room was great, perfect size for us and two teenagers. The pool was cool. My kids had a fierce game of ping pong going on. We called it "parkour pong". Off the table, off the chair, off the was a blast man. Lol. Matt and the staff were really great. It felt almost as if we were family. I know that sounds cheesy, but I'm telling you it did. We will go back again. Next time we will bring gramma and grandpa and the dog. Hope to see you there!!!

Kim-elle 6/18/2016
I have been a repeat customer of O'Sullivan's for over 10 years. It is a fantastic place to stay. Rooms are clean, pool is great and the staff is overly accommodating. It's also only a 5 minute walk to the centre of town - location, location, location!
If anyone was to ask "Where should I stay in Lake George, NY? I would without hesitation say O'Sullivan's.

Brian Sullivan 6/11/2016
I recently stayed at O'Sullivan's for 6 nights and wished I could have stayed all summer. The place was excellent. It was very clean,quiet, great location ,very nice staff, beautiful grounds .The motel is not some big corporate place which I definitely prefer. The rates are definitely affordable.I am grateful for the time I spent there w my daughter granddaughter and my beloved
Chihuahua. O'Sullivan's will be my go to place in LG and I would recommend them.
                 Brian Sullivan
               Long Island

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